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Client version 9.7.2 is now available. To read about the list of enhancements this client includes, please review the client´s version history at http://www.corp.att.com/agnc/windows/documentation/versionhistory.pdf.
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Downloads & Dialers: Troubleshooting
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Four Fix Files (the dialer, com.sys, vcom.sys and slip.exe)
  1. Check your dialer version by clicking the help button on the dialer. The version should read v1.67, if not, it needs to be updated. You can use the dialer v1.67 or the new dialer series v1.68 and higher. You may find the dialer v1.67 has less connection problems and you can have both dialer versions installed on your machine.
  2. Com.sys, Vcom.sys and Slip.exe (for Warp and Warp Connect users only): Check your Com.sys size by opening an OS/2 window. Type "CDOS2BOOT", then type "dir com.sys". The file name and size should be listed and the size of the file should be 16888 bytes. If not it needs to be changed along with the files vcom.sys and slip.exe.

    Note: For those upgrading Warp Fix Packs you may have a COM.SYS larger than 16888 bytes, i.e. 16912. It may give problems so download the four fix files. Warp Connect is loaded with the correct com.sys.

  3. Obtaining the four fix files:

    Note: Be sure to make a backup of these files before replacing. Warp 4 (Merlin) users should only concern themselves with the dialer.

    1. Downloading the four fixes using anonymous FTP:
      • FTP to ftp.attbusiness.net.
      • The files can be found in the directory pub/attglobal/OS2_Client (make sure you download these files as binary if using FTP-PM).
      • Download the file com.sys, vcom.sys, slip.exe and the dialer itself (inst167.exe is the dialer v1.67 and install.exe will be the latest version of the newer dialer version). You should download and try both dialer versions.
    2. Where to replace the files on your PC:
      • COM.SYS goes in the OS2BOOT directory.
      • VCOM.SYS goes in the OS2MDOS directory.
      • SLIP.EXE goes in the TCPIPBIN directory.
      • The dialer(s) go in a Temp directory, i.e. TCPIPTMP.
    3. A final step if you downloaded the dialer(s):
      • Run the dialer install program(s) and reboot.
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