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Client version 9.7.2 is now available. To read about the list of enhancements this client includes, please review the client´s version history at http://www.corp.att.com/agnc/windows/documentation/versionhistory.pdf.
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Downloads & Dialers: Troubleshooting
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If you are unable to connect using our Windows NT Dialer the problem is related to one or more of the following:

  • Windows NT Network Configuration (RAS) or Dial-Up Networking
  • Your Modem or Windows NT Modem Installation
  • Our Windows NT Dialer
  • The Local Dial Access Number (Point of Presence)
  • Your Local Telephone Companies Phone lines

Below are the steps you should take for troubleshooting each of the above components. You should not go through the Advanced steps until going through all the Basic troubleshooting sections first.

  1. Separate our dialer from Windows NT (If you are using PPP):
    Note: Obtain the NT SLIP and PPP to setup DUN without our dialer.

    Dial in using the icon in Dial-Up Networking, by double-clicking My Computer and then the Dial-Up Networking Folder. Verify "AT&T Business Internet Services" is the selected phonebook entry and the Phone number field is correct. Click Dial and verify the user name is (without quotes): "internet.youraccount.youruserid" replace youraccount and youruserid with your login account and user ID respectively. Type in your password and hit connect (do not type anything into the Domain field). If it returns as connected open an MS-Dos Window and type without quotes "ping http://www.attbusiness.net" and hit Enter.

    You should receive "Reply From" messages.

    • If it fails- The problem is not with our dialer, continue to 2.
    • If it works- Troubleshoot our Windows NT Dialer as listed below.
    Troubleshooting our Windows NT Dialer:
    1. Delete the dialer entry in the Dial-Up Networking by clicking More, then Delete entry. Reboot your computer and try dialing in with our dialer again. Our dialer should recreate the phonebook entry and fix any association problems.
    2. If that failed reboot your computer and dial into the Internet using the recreated dialer icon. Start your web browser and download the latest dialer from Downloads. Once downloaded go to My Computer and then Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the existing dialer and then install the latest dialer.
    3. Try downloading and installing the latest Service Pack.
    4. If the latest dialer fails send us the messages log of the Windows NT Dialer through the Contact Us page. Make sure to tell us any other helpful information as well as your Windows NT version and Service Pack information.
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