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Client version 9.7.2 is now available. To read about the list of enhancements this client includes, please review the client´s version history at http://www.corp.att.com/agnc/windows/documentation/versionhistory.pdf.
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Dialer Setup

The Dialer Setup can be accessed by clicking Setup on the Login Window or by choosing Network then Setup on the menu bar of the Network View Window. Setup is formatted like a setup wizard (you click Next through setup panels). If you do not have DUN or the Network Properties installed a panel will appear that will guide you through installing them. On the panel that asks if you have an account you must select Yes, I Have a Personal Internet account or No, I would like to Register.

  • If you are already registered it will ask for your account and userid.
  • If you need to register it will go through the registration process.
The Next panel after entering your account information is the modem panel that gives you the options on what pre-installed Windows 95/98 or NT modem you will use and its settings. The last panel is your calling from and calling to preferences.
  • The Dial Properties button gives you the ability to add dial prefixes, disable call waiting and choose tone or pulse dial.
  • The Change button allows you choose the number you will dial in and connect to. It also gives the option of using PPP or SLIP, if using SLIP you must install special Win 95/98 or NT software (consult the dialer help).

Dialer Connection and Login Properties
  1. The Connection Properties are available on dialer version 4.13 and higher. You can modify the following settings here:
    • Modem
    • Phone
    • Automatic software updates
    • Connection logging
    The Dialer Login Properties give the options of changing, adding and deleting the Logon profiles you have set up. There are multiple tabs that you may or may not have depending on your dialer version:
    Note: For more specific Help Consult the dialer Help Section.
    • Access Tab- Allows you to modify the login account/userid as well as choosing the Network (Internet) you would like to access.
    • Appearance Tab- Allows you to change the default dialer appearance.
    • Programs Tab- Allows you to specify which applications our dialer will automatically update (Netscape, MS IE, MS Internet Mail or News). You can also specify which applications you would like to have started automatically after a connection is established.
    • Browsers, Mail, News and Servers Tabs- Allow you to change if and how your Internet software will be updated. It is best to leave the settings at the defaults unless you are an advanced user.
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